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    We try to accommodate all requests that come in, but our calendar does fill up fast. Please select what room type your open to!
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  • Phase 2 Reservations

    Because of the restrictions placed on restaurants by our Governor, the following policies and mandates MUST be used by Oaktree Family Restaurants, LLC/DBA Bobbios Pizza to be able to open our Party Rooms to the Public. Please sign and bring with you to your party for use of our rooms.

    I understand and agree by signing this form that these Policies & Mandates MUST be met & followed by my Guests and myself while using the Public Party Rooms at 312 Oak St, Central Point, Oregon.

    *All Reservations MUST be made by Wednesday of the previous week, PRIOR to your party or meeting.
    *All tables MUST remain at the 10 person seating. (No moving of tables or chairs will be allowed, at this time.)
    *All guests (5 & up) MUST wear a mask whenever NOT seated at their table. (State Mandate)
    *By signing, you agree to abide by the Monitors directions (Bobbios directions) for the use of the room.
    *NO other Food or Drink may come into the restaurant, except for a cake or cupcakes. (Health Code Rule)
    *You will have the room for 2 ½ hours to allow for set up and the party/meeting. The Monitor will clean up after your party. Please remove all decorations before leaving.
    *Any person having beer or wine will need to show ID. *Children using video games (5 & up) downstairs, must be wearing a mask. (As mandated by law)
    *Please understand that the Monitor will be coming into your Party Room periodically to sanitize surfaces. (They will use discretion while doing so)
    *The Monitor may be assisting both rooms if in use. Please be patient with them as they assist others.
    *To ensure funding for the required Monitor Fee, please send your reservation request. Joy will confirm availability and then you will be directed to contact our Central Point location to pay the fee. Reservation will be confirmed AFTER we receive the $30 fee. If you need to cancel your reservation, you’ll need to do so within 72 hours to receive a refund.

    Thank you for choosing Bobbios for your party. We completely understand these Policies & Mandates are not an easy change. But they are MANDATORY for us to be able to offer our rooms again. Thank you for helping us to be able to this, by abiding by the policies stated.
  • Reservation Confirmation

    By filling out this form, in no way is your request guaranteed. We fill our schedule on a first come, first serve basis. The only time a party is confirmed is when you receive a confirmation from Joy. Please keep an eye on your inbox for confirmation!